Monday, June 21, 2010

En la oficina

Good afternoon. Its about 12:30 here in the office. Today started "horas intensivas" which are summer hours. (Happy Summer Solstice by the way!) This means that instead of the office working from 10 to 7, we work from 830 AM to 330 PM with a shorter lunch break. This is the email the Regional Account Director, my boss sent to everyone today:

Good Morning all,

As some of you might already know, one of the best thing about working is Spain is that in summer almost all companies have a different working schedule (to allow their employees to enjoy the sun .... or la siesta) and LOLA is not an exception.

So from today (21/06/09) until the 3rd of September, LOLA’s office will be open from 8am until 3pm.

As you can imagine, in case of emergency we won’t let you down but in order to organise our team, we will need to be notified ASAP.

Thanks and have a good day.


And so, from now on I´ll be getting up a little earlier and be off work earlier as a result. I´m currently waiting to have a meeting with the big boss to go over the project I´ll be working on. He seems really cool.. He´s from France and works down the hall in the bigger office. Have I mentioned how beautiful my office is? The entire building is a palace. I´ll post pictures or videos soon... This weekend I went to Valencia and it was incredible. Yesterday I spent a solid 6 hours on the beach of the Mediterranean and as a result came back to Madrid a couple shades darker. (Mission accomplished) Valencia had a really cool atmosphere (apart from the explosion of sunshine that I experienced). People on bicycles, old architecture, plazas with fountains and flower shops, cafes in alley ways with street musicians. And so as to not feel completely away from home-San Francisco...the ocassional begger. I had my first experience with some homeless people asking for money. And then had subsequent discussions with other Americans in my group about homelessness. My roommate Danielle, who graduated from Boston College, volunteered at a homeless shelter during her time up in the Northeast....I don´t really want my blog to become a platform for the discussion of depressing social issues, but I guess what I wanted to say is that I enjoyed talking to others about their reactions, experiences, etc about homelessness. Its something that I unfortunately become desensitized to living in SF where it seems to be everywhere.

Tonight, Spain is playing in the world cup at 8PM. I can´t wait!! I never described my first day at LOLA - when Spain played at 4 in the afternoon. At about 330 everyone started getting visibly antsy andy by 10 till, the large meeting room was filled with the entire office- the bosses, the IT department, the creative department, the accounts, everyone. There were tables of Spanish food - tortillas, croquetas, bocadillos, calamaris...and tables of Coca Cola and Spanish beer. In the middle was a flat screen tv streaming the game and everyone sat and cheered and then got a little depressed when they ended up losing to Switzerland 1-0. I dont think of a better day to start working here than I did...if only they could have won!

I should review some work before I have my meeting

Hasta luego!

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