Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hola de LOLA

Good morning. (Buenos días!) I´m at my office right now, on day 2. And if day 1 was any indication of my time here, I don´t think I ever want to leave. I sit in a well lit room with easter egg purple colored floors, with four large white tables each with 4 large iMac desktops, There are about 8 or so Spanish and-or Mexican and-or Argentine workers who each have blackberries and a painfully hip sense of fashion in my room. Usually music is coming from one of those iMacs- yesterday´s example being Muse because they played in Madrid last night and some coworkers went (jealous!!). Yesterday I showed up at 8:30 in the morning only to soon, or not so soon rather, learn that the office doesn´t really get going until the trickle of young professionals beginss (not) promptly at 10. As someone who has an innate, sometimes to a fault, ability to sleep in- this is IDEAL, to say in the least! I´m working under a woman name Penélope who is originally from Mexico. She is so sweet and welcoming and, no joke, looks like a model. Her superiors are both in London working with clients, which apparently they do a lot, and sent me very nice welcoming emails. I´ll be meeting them tomorrow when they return. Lola is a part of a larger UK based network called LOWE- which handles clients LITERALLY all over the world. They´re very respected and I feel really lucky to be working here. Since I´m at work, I should wrap this up, but I´ll be including details of my day 1 later. Just a little taste for you to work your imagination - Spain played in the world cup yesterday. Lets just say the office paused for a bit during that time...

Hasta pronto readers of the world.

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